Haunted Mansion (Old dream) 2016.03.11

Date: 2/11/2017

By richilye

Me and more people were inside a mansion, trying to run away from something, they failed, then I reached a bedroom. Kiki (a toy from Emily, from the game "Emily wants to play") appeared and started chasing me, I tried to outrun her, but failed when I was on a coner, then it happened 2 more times. In the 3rd time, we managed to reach a room, in which there was a girl hiding behind a desk (I think she was with us before, i don't know) , she said that she wanted to help me, I thought she was a ghost, and I was ok with that and also wanted to stay with her. Maybe 'cause she was/is cute. Everyone had vanished at that point, but not her... END ----------- She wasn't a ghost, she started to appear in my other dreams, I felt something special about her, I wish I had wrote down how she looked like, but I was too lazy to do it, now my memories are fading. I think she had a long Black hair, beautiful black eyes (or if you prefer, deep brown eyes, since black eyes actually don't exist). She was very short, that i remember well, whenever she was by my side, I felt comfortable and safe, she gave me a Cirno vibeamost of the time. --------------- Btw, when my dreams are about to end, everyone just vanishes, but she was different.