Digital art, Generate an image of Yuya hugging Yuri inside a cave-like house with honey colored lights as they sit on a green and gold-rimmed couch and a blue beanbag, respectively.

Rottenshipping (Yuya x Yuri)

Date: 8/11/2019

By Xiileaf

(Not in Dream) I don’t think I had an actual dream. I may have had a morning daydream though. Or just a morning dream after I woke up at 6AM (and went back to sleep). If it was a daydream, I was still half asleep because it was easy to keep my train of thought up and it was pretty vivid. (In Dream) Yuya and Yuri were walking down a dark-ish street. They seemed to be on the way to Yuya’s house. When they got there, Yuri basically broke down, partially crying because he’s “loved people before” but wasn’t “allowed to” as in people before Yuya, Yuto, and Yugo). Yuri basically tells Yuya that he likes him, but he’s not supposed to and that he can’t help it. Yuya hugged him because he wanted Yuri to feel better. Yuya’s house appeared to be cave-like and have honey colored lights. The two boys seemed to be in a spacious room. Yuri was on the left on some sort of green and gold-rimmed couch. Yuya was on a blue beanbag right next to him. (Not in Dream) I never got to see what Yuya thought, and now I’m mad 😂.

AI generated interpretation Interpretation: In this dream, it appears that Yuri is expressing his feelings for Yuya, and that he has had feelings for people before, but was not "allowed" to act on them. Yuya is sympathetic and provides a comforting hug. The setting of the dream appears to be a safe, cozy and intimate space- a cave-like room with honey colored lights. This could symbolize the safety and comfort the two characters feel with each other. The dream could be interpreted as the characters coming to terms with their feelings for each other and being in a safe and accepting environment.