Demon in my sister's room

Date: 6/12/2019

By Idek123

In my dream, I was walking past my step sister Jewell's room when I suddenly heard her screaming. So I opened her door and I asked her what was wrong and she said, "She's here." I didn't ask who she was talking about but I closed the door and told her I would stay with her and whoever she was wouldn't harm Jewell. When I first stepped into the room all the lights were on but as soon as I got on the bed the lights shut off and it was pitch black. Then I felt the bed next to me dip as if someone was getting on the bed with us. After this I was transported and it was like being at the movies I couldn't interfere with what was going on but I could see it all. Jewell was there and she was tied down to a chair and there were maybe 3 people standing around her. And then the "screen" started to speed up I saw Jewell's hair going from her red hair to black and with each second her hair became shorter until it was just above her shoulders. After this I was again transported in this room and there a man. And unlike before where I could see the whole room here I could only see him. He told me there was a necromancer playing a trick on me and none of this was real. And he started to say more but I was placed back into my house and instead of being in Jewell's room I was outside of it again just standing in the hallway. And that's when Jewell opened her door and just like earlier her hair was black instead of red and instead of it being down to her chest it was to her shoulders. I wasn't really freaked out by this but by what happened next. Behind Jewell was this... Demoness I guess you would call it. And it wasn't standing like us it was on all fours peering up at me. It only stayed there for a minute before running out of my sister's room and into mine. I was yelling at it telling her to get out and that's when Jewell snapped at me she started yelling at me saying they were friends and the only way she would leave was if I asked her nicely. But before I could it came out and it say down before Jewell grabbed her finger and began.. sucking her life out I guess. Idk but Jewell who is extremely tan began to grow pale out her skin began to become wrinkley and she passed out. After this I was once more transported to a cave and Jewell was on the floor dead. But that wasn't even the strangest part, Jewell was pregnant. And the demon was beside me telling me how much she enjoyed killing her. And then I woke up