They’re Watching Us

Date: 2/9/2019

By floatingtreea

Very Vague: The dream took place in high school sometime during lunch break or after school. The halls seemed so familiar to me — like an exact replica of my actual school except there were these strange glowing purple rooms as well. They were referred to as the “Haze” or “Dance” rooms. Every day at lunch and after school, I would meet my two friends there. One of them was that chocolate vanilla swirl with cookie cream ice cream girl from vine and then this other girl, I can’t remember her face but she had this choppy chestnut hair and really pale skin. They had computers in there and we’d just hang out and occasionally surf the Internet. That day, the pale girl and I were dancing and purposefully singing some song out of tune when choco vanilla swirl chick tells us something about us being cute little British girls. We all fall into a fit of laughter. It was strange though because we all had American accents but we were supposedly all British. Maybe a subconscious reference to the 21 Savage meme?? Anyway, we begin to head out of the Haze room to go check out the vending machines in Main-street (the largest corridor in the school that connects all the smaller halls together). I’m tempted to return to the gym because they’re selling ice cream at those vending machines but I realize I’m all out of cash and I’m too lazy to walk over there anyway. My crush is nearby, he’s looking at me. I think we’re friends here? The atmosphere between us isn’t tense at all, it’s actually really comfortable. I smile and quickly wave. Then this dude comes stumbling in through the front doors that are placed near the auditorium/chorus hallway and charges towards us. He begins to frantically explain that he was a former teacher at this school and how now he’s become a bus driver but that he knows one spot in the building that isn’t controlled by the government. I’m slightly confused by this and feel embarrassed for the dude when I notice everyone sort of looks spaced out like mindless drones. I listen to him closely, he pulls out a blueprint/sketch of the school and points to an intersection between the pipes heavily marked in light blue ink. It was an impossible location to access unless the school was demolished.