Date: 7/19/2017

By Kaddy94

don't remember all circumstances, but there was some sort of gathering at my father's house. a man was clearly robbing us, so I yelled and scared him off. shortly after a man stopped by and I asked him if he saw this man (showed a picture) and he said he hadnt. we talked about where we were from, and then suddenly I saw the man. as I started yelling at him, I lost track of the guy I'd been talking to. I yelled at my father to get the guns out, and people were scattering. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed a knife that I kept in there, I was running people out of my house, and made it to my front lawn. eventually I saw the nice guy leaving, and realized he was a robber too. he must have been in on it with the first guy. I threatened him, but eventually ended up sharing some snacks with him before he left.