It's a Beautiful Wedding

Date: 4/25/2019

By Karliann

My friends and I lived in a "perfect" society like the one in "the Giver" and we found the release door and we knocked it down. We wanted released. We left. We got out there and found a mall full of stuffed animals and pink lined stores and we ran through that mall, I jumped over the railing and landed in a ball pit and then we all went out through the same exit. Once we were out we were in a field and there were a bunch of weddings going on and I was the best man for all of them. First it was my best friend Daylin and some kid in my class Stephen and I made a beautiful speech for her and then there were countless people I didn't recognize and I was the only person there that was single and these visits would come up and that meant it was "kissing time" and I was grossed out and I didn't have a dude with me and so everyone around me was making out and I just sat there enjoying some garlic bread that I pulled out of my backpack.