I can't choose help

Date: 6/3/2017

By daydreamer09

This is me actually talking about these girls.( not the dream yet). I really like this girl let's call her girl A. and girl A has a friend who likes me I'll call her girl B. Girl B and I went on a "date" she considered it but I didn't mind. I kinda like girl B because she is still really cute and she's really kind, Girl B still kinda likes me but now I am reallllllly attracted to girl A. Idk what to do and I know this dream has to mean something but idk what? (The dream) I see girl A and B chilling, I go to girl B and i start playing around with her teasing her a little bit then feeling her up a little bit in a warm little pool full of clear water, then our clothes were gone and then we just started having sex. I liked it but I mean it's a dream so idk what to expect from it, then she walked away and put on clothes. Girl A walks up to me and says why would you do that to me and I was totally clueless I felt so bad then she was just upset (remember I don't know if girl A likes me), then me and girl B go to the bathroom for more activities but then her parents walk in and we're wondering what's going on, we said we were trying to hid from girl A and some other dude idk about. Then I woke up And now I'm wondering what to do?