Mysteries, Pranks, and Parties

Date: 5/19/2017

By LionFoot65

I wake up and something makes me laugh so hard that I shit in my pants in my room and it somehow falls out on the floor which weirds me out but then I wake IRL and realize that it was a dream lol. Next Scene Im at the edge of this middle and since my parents are behind me, I don't want them to see that I'm high, I also see the kindergarten group from where I work and walk past them and this little girl named Brinlee asks me something and I tell her yeah. I go inside the middle school and it turns out that there is a party with all the people I work with including some kids. After that I somehow get to my house and my old uncle tells me that he's going to leave this big black textbook with me and I think he tells me that it's his dream journal. Then I get on a plane and I witness magicians doing pranks on the passengers and this one kid keeps punching people and asking them if it hurts lol. I have to help my coworker Amanda to help her get this girl to a certain place and since I take the car she has to walk the girl there. Next Scene: I'm with this blonde girl named Rachel that I think is really beautiful and we're doing this activity and I tell her that I'm really tired and she seems really tired too.