New super villain the Easter Bunny

Date: 6/15/2017

By melanie1230mr

Ok so I was going to my second period and I said hi to Mrs.dillion on the stairs. When I go to second period there was a sign on the door that said go to room 1 120. I wasn't sure if it meant going to room 120 or room 1120. Room 1120 was in a class wing attached to a city hall. I went through city hall looking for my class then gave up. I figured that at this I might as well just skip my class since there was no point of going class for the last ten minutes. Suddenly out of nowhere Anias, Manny and I went to the mall right in front of city hall. After we were walking back to school and someone (I think it was Mr.Amador) asked if we had passes to class. My put my pass in my water bottle for some unknown reason it was legible despite it being wet. While he was walking walking I asked him is Meyers in room 120 and he said yes. (This is when to dream gets a bit foggy because my mother didn't allow to use my phone at 6 in the morning.) Once he told me that I started running back to city hall ( I DONT WHY I DID THAT BECAUSE ROOM 120 [SCHOOL] IS IN THE OTHER DIRECTION). Somehow I land in this huge masquerade Halloween party. For some unknown reason I meet Maddie Ziegler and she and I team up. I was in an Easter bunny costume and she was in a plant costume. The party was in a weird some vortex like setting where everything looked like it came out an alien planet. The party had tunnels you go in and out of which we later realized that all led to the center of the party ( the dance floor). Although the tunnels led to nowhere special, there was that led to... I don't know what it lead to because I forgot at point. At the party this guy was looking for us with his friend. I'm sure if he was looking for Maddie only, me only or the both of us. I do know for sure that he didn't want to to find the special tunnel. Fortunately, there were these two children that had the same exact costume as us. The guys that was looking for us (let's say his name is Charles for sake of this story) and his friend Chet were playing a friendly game of tag. The little kid with the bunny costume runs to a tunnel and seconds later I come out of a different tunnel. Not realizing that it was two different people wearing the same costume, Charles was heavily confused until he grew to insane the more he thought bunnies. Sooner or later he getting smaller in height and started to develop black fur and bunny ears. He lets out an evil laugh and start his reign of terror as The Easter Bunny.