I'm the only one who can swim.

Date: 4/10/2017

By richilye

I was in a beach , it was surrounded by various rocks on the side, the front led to the open sea, in the back was a wall with stairs that led back to the hotel, on the right side between the rocks was an opening that led to a river with non salty water. My parents were there along with some few people. I heard them saying that I would have to go along with them somewhere in the water to retrieve something, that part of the water also had a specific name, but I don't remember. They said that I was the only one capable of swimming, my mom, my sister and the rest of the people were taking those floating armor(I forgot the name, those clothes that float on water). I picked one for me as well, since I would get tired of swimming at some point. I left it on the boat by the shore, I went back under the parasol, but suddenly bigger waves started coming, and the water was almost covering the entire beach, I hid behind a piece of wood that it brought, it was a rectangle shape, like a table. I was hiding to avoid wetting my clothes. The water started pushing the table as well, so I went back to the hotel until it calmed down and also to change clothes. I starrted using the hotel is computer and searched for a game to play with my sister, but every folder was filled with porn and I had to open and close them quickly so my sis wouldn't see. Ends up that I didn't find anything there besides porn, so I went back to the shore. Upon getting there, I got inside the boat and we went to the river path, there was 3 boats, 1 with me, my mom and my sister, 1 with my dad and someone else or not and 1 that I don't remember. I got into the water to search for the thing, but can't remember a thing besides that. -------- Jen was back, we had a long chat altough I don't remember anything anymore, thou there was one or 2 important messages that I should remember...