The getaway.. Or capture

Date: 7/12/2017

By Unit1Ginger

You had an expensive like Audi or something car. I was at school and this guy shows up with Mexican food, me and this chick were like. "damn that looks really good right now" so I was like "we should go get some" after she agreed I said we gotta wait up for you aka "my hommie". She said no, we're going then or shes going alone, and some guy speaks up "I'll go with you" so I was like. Shit, she was good looking (even though she was a bitch). They leave and you come in the door shortly after, so I'm like "man, we gotta go get some Mexican food, I just passed up the chance with this chick because I was waiting for you." and of course classic Charles "I didn't ask you to do that" you say kinda laughing. But I convinced you in a couple minutes because it kinda sounded good to you too. After we get into your car we are driving in your Audi on what looked like a desert road and we come up behind the chick and guy that ditched me. So I was like "we should cut them off" as a joke and you're like "naw man." I kept on pushing really wanting to get them back "come on, they're not that far away" (even though they were barely visable) "come on, we never go anything like this, never do anything fun." so Charles is like "okay, okay. Fine" in your beast-mobile you speed up and we sink into our seats with force of acceleration and smell some burnt rubber from it being so sudden. We eventually cut them off and like directly after a cop comes up behind us. Shit. No hesitation, you gas it and drift off road, around a tree, back onto the road. The cop, is now in hot pursuit of us, high speed. Right behind us. Charles steps on the gas pedal and goes as fast as we can (260mph i glanced over). Down the highway we are zooming. The cop isn't to far away, but we momentarily lost him. For some reason instead of getting backup, the cop leaves and returns in a faster cop car with sirens blazing and wheels burning as he was almost right behind us. Our car was still faster, but this one could at least keep up. I said "Charles we've gotta do something, we've gotta lose them." he of course agreed so when we came to an intersection with us under a bridge, he yanked the steering wheel. We spun into the left lane traffic (there wasn't any cars moving)kept going straight into the intersection, and back out, ahead of everyone, in the same lane, just up ahead. Not long after we reach a bridge on the highway and there's a helechopter in the air watching our moves. "So he did call for help.." I said as Charles zipped through cars, around, down, over, and under even. But it wasn't enough because there was the helechopter watching us. The cop knew exactly where to go. The bridge suddenly stopped.. It was broken. There was what looked like an explosion with fire. Charles drove off of the bridge (which didn't really create a ramp of any sort) and we started to plummit straight into the water. I was freaking out, jumping out of my seat trying to hold on, getting ready to jump out "Charles, what the fuck are you doing?!" he didn't move an inch. He pressed a button on his steering wheel and the car turned into a submarine like vehicle (very unrealistic I know) after we drove for a while we got back onto land (with the car somehow) but the hele was waiting for us. It saw us and kept chasing meanwhile nowhere was the other cop spotted. Charles hits another button and we turn into a helechopter as well and start to fly up. As we get the wonderful view of the giant bridge and the city it connects to, we are scared as hell of getting caught.. Roger calls. "hello?!!" "ummmm.. What the fuck are you and Charles doing?" "what?" "you guys are on fucking tv. Idiots." "fuck, man.. Just try to cover for us." "I'll try my best." Not sure what I meant by that but apparently it meant keep our parents from finding out.. Or anyone for that matter. The helechopter starts shooting.. With rockets I scream "What the hell?! All we did was cut someone off." Charles dodged and I was very impressed with his ability to fly.. Let alone drive underwater and on land. He pressed the first button again, turning into a sub and we drive from up in the air down into the water. Once were there he drives straight to this.. Other vehicle? (looks like a rocket) We both get out of the car and open a giant hatch in order to get into this.. Thing. Once were in we shortly get to two seats. One driver, and the other co-pilot, of course Charles gets the main driver seat. Once we're in I see Charles about to cry, which was weird so I said "Hey man, it's okay.. We got this." As I leaned over and hugged him and he hugged back. As I started to tear up I was stated "let's go." he nodded his head and they started shooting at us again. Rockets, missiles, they had their own squad of people, just to take us down for some reason. "fuck! Fuck! fuck!" I screamed as tears ran down my face and my heart was pounding hard (in the dream even) and I jolted awake. Getting too excited always wakes me up in a dream and this was really exciting... Just not in a good way.