Date: 2/25/2019

By girlonthemoon

had a dream that I was walking with this lil boy and my family. I don't know why tf we was walking for because man I'm telling you my dreams be creepy af idek anywAy. I think I'm wearing a peach colored dress but no fucking shoes just having the time of my life while there's this space ship thingy in the sky ,like that movie War of Worlds. The lil boy is trying to get my attention, I think he's my cousin I have no clue honestly but he grabs my hand then starts running. Now it's just the lil boy with me idk where the rest of my family went so now jackie is scared. I'm just running with this boy alone. He's holding on to my hand so tight I swear I feel like I can still feel it lmao. we make it to a house, but it's weird because most of my dreams I spend in the house or under it. Now I'm just walking/running around outside. I See my sisters family waiting outside the house. LMAO I bet the aliens took my family :/