Grief nightmares

Date: 3/20/2017

By bluefox247

I didn't want to write these when they happened, but it has been a a little over week so I thought I might as well. My first ever dog died (of old age) last week in real life and here are the nightmares I got the days afterwards. Both of my dogs (we had 2, now just 1) were sick and there was an extremely potent cure that we gave them that was so strong we had to flush it out their systems with water. But their organs had been liquified!!!?? For some reason they kept dying and then coming back to life over and over again. It was absolutely awful. Then I dreamt of my dog who passed, and I saw her grave that we dug for her. I knew she was in the earth but there was also this copy of her on top, dying just like she was the night I was with her. And I dreamt a day later or maybe a couple that both of my dogs drowned in this dark murky water while we were on a walk l, and I had to save them both. I succeeded, but my old one still died anyway afterwards. I miss her so much. People always seem to make light of the loss of a dog or pet, and I just always thought it would be easy to get over. But it is so painful and a lot of people don't even realize how painful it can be.