“I’m the luckiest girl”

Date: 6/11/2019

By dreamer2718

all i kept saying was that i was the luckiest girl in the world. we walked around the streets of Paris looking for places to eat. we’d watch the sunset together in the house you always dreamed of living in.”a beautiful blue house in the Dutch for my beautiful bride to be” We met on the Metro in my first year at a university. i was scared out of my mind to be all on my own for the first time and millions of miles away from home. that’s when i met you by accidentally stepping on your hot dog. i glanced down and you glanced up. and what felt like an eternity worth of staring was only a few seconds before the tube stoped so suddenly leaving me on my butt in front of him and his hotdog. we always had a laugh about that day. “one of the days i’ll never forget” you always said, “as i cleaned the hot dog off your foot and then told you you were on the wrong tube i knew that this was no accident. it was love falling at my feet” “ha hah very funny” i always said as i rolled my eyes. the next four years of my life with you were ahead of me and i had no idea. soon enough we were out late nights, talking till the sun came up about our dreams and what we want to do with our lives.once again i repeated,” you made me the luckiest girl alive” four little words happened to spill out of your mouth and a ring popped out of your pocket. “i know i loved you from the day i met you in that Metro. i knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.” i was speechless. “yes” i said.with a long pause in between. “yes. always and forever”. a bit of time passed after that night and we were running into issues but never ones that were too serious or ones that we didn’t fix in the moment. we went out to the the pubs one night and met out friends back at our flat. as i went inside to put you to bed i got munchy so i went searching for some popcorn in the cabinet. i came back to something i’d never expect in a thousand years. to find a women in your bed who was not me.. very much not me. it was like everything was in slow motion. the slow look of fear in his eyes as he touched another woman. and all i did was stand there. i stood there for one second to watch my entire future fall apart right in front of me.all i could do was stand there. as millions of things went through my mind. was this my fault. we can fix this. how dare he. i couldn’t take it any longer so i dropped everything and ran out the room crying. into the streets i went sobbing because the one i loved most broke my heart into a million little pieces. a million small microscopic pieces. i never went back. and he never came looking. years passed. i joined a new university and met my two best friends Sarah and Cally. We went out one night in celebration of the putting out the school paper before clock turned to AM. to the local pub we went and drank the night away only to end up at a party. stumbling through the room i kept thinking, “ i know this place for some reason...maybe an old relatives? or maybe i saw it in a movie?” it didn’t quite hit me until i ran into you..in what use to be our kitchen...flashbacks start playing through my head. of the most memorable years of my life that i had tried so hard to wash away forever. there you were standing in front of me. for the first time in 4 years. i didn’t know what to say except for “wow”. you were such a beautiful man with the kindest heart and i lost you in seconds. you didn’t have the guts to say anything. the whole night i’d glance over at you only to hope you were already staring but you never were. and once again we never spoke.