Childhood Home Replaced, Secret Compartments

Date: 5/7/2017

By seascarlet

1: This one is from a couple of nights ago. I drove by my childhood home and saw a 'for sale' sign in the yard. I was really excited because I've been planning irl to go back and visit if that happens, under the guise of a potential buyer, just for nostalgia. But then I looked up and it had been replaced with a crappy wooden condo that had a roof with only one slant. It looked like something that would be built in the 80's when my childhood home was built, but it was new. All the way down the street the houses had been torn down and replaced with cheap condos identical to it. At the end there was now a used car parking lot. Across the street from where my house had been, there was a gravel-filled spot carved out for cops to sit in. It occurred to me that this had been done by the state for the cops. All the low income people together where the cops could watch them, and then chase them around the used car lot when they tried to deal drugs there. 2: The house I live in now was older. From the 40s instead of the 70s, and everything was wood painted white, inside and out. The house was filled with ridiculous amounts of drawers and closets and compartments within compartments, all painted white and hiding in plain sight. I started going through an armoire that was built into the wall, and found compartments that looked as though they'd never been discovered. Then I found one that was full of things the previous owners had forgotten. Pictures of them, memorabilia, and a stack of very small carpet samples. One of the carpet samples was of the orange marble carpet that was in there from the 70s still that we had to replace with laminate irl. It was more vibrant, and the other samples were the same pattern in different colors. Then I started looking at the photos. They were of the family that lived there before. A black family, and mostly the father and son. The father looked round-headed, short, and simple. The son looked very stylish and extroverted. I felt like these photos were threatening to posess me, and I started whispering nonsensical words out loud.