oh.... I wrote that? ||| GET AWAY FROM HIIIIM!!!😡😡😡

Date: 2/26/2017

By madnewman13😼

I dreamt that apparently people were stalking us and trying to steal from us. I knew that it was a dream. I was lucid dreaming. To trick them, I wrote a mysterious note. But it got replaced by another note about endermen from Minecraft being the ones responsible for it. It was just confusing and weird. The second lucid dream was about my crush and I in this yard of someone's laying on a towel. We were flirting with each other and occasionally he'd play with my hair. It was kind of a cute moment. Well, I left for a short while to go And do something. I came back and found him with a classmate of mine who I think also has a crush on and I feel mad when she is around him. I found a series of sledge hammers laying near where they were, and chased her away with the largest one. LOL😈 And that is why I don't think she will ever be by him in MY dreams anymore...😈😈😈