White Orb

Date: 3/17/2017

By d.page

It was probably around 3am when I woke up shaking. My boyfriend, Terrence, is used to my odd sleeping patterns so he comforted me until I was able to fall back asleep. Terrence had to get up around 630 for a work meeting that morning so this was a very realistic, frightening dream I had. In my dream, I woke up to feel for him on his side of the bed, as I always do. He was up and in the shower to get ready for his meeting. He was playing music which was unusual especially being that he doesn't like to wake me. I looked around and something by the stairs caught my eye (we have a very big room that sits on top of our 2 car garage, it's the entire upstairs.. laying in the bed you can only see the top of the stairs but not down them) it looked like a dark shadow of a person. I am currently sick which makes this even more weird, but I tried to yell and my voice just gave out. He couldn't hear me over the music anyways because how faint my voice was. Suddenly I felt like I was suffocating. There was a white oval orb type thing floating over me but I could hardly see. It was like it was choking me. I tried to bang on the walls in hopes that it would get Terrence's attention but I was too weak, I was about to pass out and then I woke up. I've been having these type of weird dreams ever since my little sister (RIP Nikki) passed away 2 days before Christmas. I figured I should start logging them.