Date: 6/3/2017

By Hammy

I had a dream that I had to dress up as a girl (even though I already am one) to date a girl to stop my cousins wedding. The only catch was that I had to preform at the said wedding. On the first night one of my "friends" gave me a panic attack by threatening to tell everyone that I was going to dress up as a girl to get with a girl. I ended up not preforming. The next day I went to change but every changing room was full so I had to run to the top of the building to change so they wouldn't yell at me. I then got with the girl but had to rush out because I still had to preform. I ended up making a very in appropriate caveman costume. Soon we took a bus ride home. I had found a new love and everything was great until I suddenly fell to the floor and my girlfriend looked up and saw that she could bring her father back from the dead. The catch was that there had to be a sacrifice. Me being the suicidal person I am volunteered to die. One of my friends stopped her though and brought me to safety. And then I woke up.