Wanna help abolish bit coins?

Date: 1/24/2018

By weaselpuppy

My clothes where all bloody because I think I just helped murder someone. so I switched clothes with the girl beside me eventhough her clothes were bloody too. I was now wearing a pink dress and high heals and was wearing a shirt and jeans and sneakers. so I said 'I don't dance in high heals' and she said ' i don't dance in sneakers' then my class was in the van and we were going to the climbing gym my family and I were at the museum and going through the art gallery. my brother was looking at these famous eggs and he picked one up because there was no glass case around it. he said ' this is fake, it is made of baby hair' then my dad walked over and said that he thought this is how most things get broken in museums, people think they are fake so they pick it up and then it gets broken. he then proceeded to pick up one egg and drop it on the tabe. we left the room and started walking through a hallway the had many boring paintings that I did not want to look at so I wandered off and found a library. I was just wandering around when I found a grand staircase leading up to the 2nd floor. so I walked up and at the top I saw this guy I wanted to impress for some reason so instead of just walking the last few steps I jumped over the railings and on the 2nd floor. he then greeted me and asked if I would like to help him and some other teens abolish bit coins. I was skeptical at first but I really wanted to impress the guy who was obviously the librarian and he assured me that the other teens where professionals and we would not get caught. so I sat down at one of the computers and leaned over me to teach me the basics of what they where doing but then I heard my parents calling me and I did not want to spoil the operation so I left and hid on top of the shelves in order to not be found. I was crawling around on top to the book shelves to avoid my parents and then my mom woke me up for school.