Dare to Care? (Finished One) 😅

Date: 5/17/2017

By CookieMonster

In a college class fill with an auditorium of students I had chosen to sit in the very first row. (My usual pick) On my left sat one student but on my right sat no one. The teacher asked to think the various contradictions in life and analyze them as they present themselves in this film. After the film had been playing for about 15 minutes, a boy with a fresh cut and athletic appearancetook up the empty chair right beside me. Without taking but a second to settle he talked to me asking what had happened in the film as if he was late to class or not paying attention. (It was very likely the latter) And I tried to sum up the bit of plot presented to us till that point. I didn't like speaking over the film so I kept it very brief. But he looked at me confused and asked, "What? I couldn't hear you." Signaling to speak closer to him. But I hadn't trust him. I couldn't explain but he didn't care. I knew he didn't. But I decided just to get it over with and moved closer when he rushed the opportunity to kiss me but I had blocked it just in time. From various parts of the class there were excited mumbles and stifled chuckles just barely contained. I bit my lips to stop myself from following along. I felt bad for him. But that didn't last he pleaded with me to give him a chance and I had finally gotten it. It must've been a dare unsuccessfully done. So I laughed just low enough for the teacher not to hear. And completely shifted my attention to the film. But that didn't discourage as he started getting desperate. He called for my attention and frustrated by how loud he was getting I turned to him without a word but visibly agitated. He tried to convince me that he'd be the perfect guy if I just let him kiss me. (I'll admit I thought this was hilarious but I thought it too cruel to laugh) and then I asked, "Why? Why do you have to kiss me so badly that you wouldn't wait for me to want too? Sounds rather suspicious to me." He fell silent and then I looked at him confused myself, I mean did you think I wasn't going to ask? He stared at me blankly for a solid before he got up frustrated just loud enough for the teacher to look at him disgruntled and very forcefully told him to sit down and did. Back to his previous seat and I completely bust. Feeling guilty for being so disruptive and I'm pretty sure that just made us both look bad. Hey, I tried to keep it in. I really did but I thought it was so random and badly handled that I couldn't help it. Luckily, I woke up before the teacher even looked at me. 😅 Poor guy.