My Wedding from Hell

Date: 7/19/2017

By FireflyInDaylight

I was marrying this older man and we were having a destination wedding in the Caribbean. Both our families and extended families came with us before the wedding to hang out. The day of the wedding I started having second thoughts because the groom was old and not very attractive. The entire time our families were together on the island they did not get along. I was getting dressed for the ceremony on my own. I was sad because nobody was with me. Then a guy showed up with the engagement ring which I guess I had never gotten. The ring was very small and had only a diamond chip on it. I knew that the guy was rich so I was really pissed off that my ring wasn't bigger and prettier. Since I was upset about the ring and nobody being with me while I got ready, I decided to stay in my hotel room. After a while I decided to go down to where the ceremony was being held. I was told that a lot of the guests decided to leave because I was late. Then they told me my mom went to bed because it was getting too late. I checked my watch and it was 9pm. I asked my dad why would mom go to bed that early when she knew I was getting married. He just shrugged his shoulders. Then I realized that the groom wasn't there either. So I paced around the room and was really angry. I started thinking I should make an announcement that the wedding is off when he finally walks in like it's no big deal. I tell him that we needed to talk. As we are getting ready to leave I see one of my guests. I just know that he had wanted to date me but I turned him down and now he was married. As I was walking past him, I grabbed him, kissed him and told him I should have married him instead. Then my groom and I are on a private bus. I start telling him that this isn't going to work, that our families hate each other and that he obviously didn't care about me because he had gotten me a tiny, cheap ring, and didn't seem concerned that he showed up late to the wedding. He showed no emotion and said nothing. His mom was there and she was saying that we had to go ahead with the wedding and figure stuff out later because it was too embarrassing to cancel the wedding now. I told her I didn't care about whether or not it was embarrassing but that I wasn't going to get married today only to go get divorced the next day. Then the groom asked me what I said to the guy I kissed on my way out. I told him what I had said. He still had no emotion on his face and he didn't say anything. Then I woke up.