Date: 3/24/2019

By izzylol7

This one was a little foggy yet clear. Idk how I jumped into lucidity but I did. So when I was in, I knew first I wanted to make the dream clear. And let me tell you, when I yelled “clear” IT FELT SO REAL MAN.... and then I tried rubbing my hands together and dude i felt my hands and everything. So then I tried to spawn this girl I have been wanting to smash, and then I wasn’t lucid In the moment so it didn’t work, then I went back into it and I just fiddled with the clear clear clear. But the funny thing was it was in my house so I didn’t care to explore the dream. I also have to be somewhere early today and I remember telling the dream something like “translate real world time into dreaM” but sadly it didn’t work. Next, I’m gonna work on making it last longer.