Math, MP, Les Mis

Date: 6/8/2017

By ace200

I was taking a field trip with my math teacher and class. Jocelyn, Donnez, and Himmy were there. We were at a train station and realized we could not get back to our home for some reason. We needed to survive until someone could help us get back. So I suggested we get jobs nearby to make money to eat because we were all hungry. I got a waitress job and so did Jocelyn, but no one else was taking the situation seriously. Kids on Instagram would post "Save Jocelyn, Donnez, and Ally and Himmy" and stuff. It was then Mary Poppins (I haven't watched this movie in years so idk where this came from) but Bert was in love with Mary, but felt that he had to be so professional around her and he started singing a song about it. I was then in the les Mis court case and supporting Jean Valjean who was lying about his name and that he had Cosette.