My audio house

Date: 3/28/2017

By gorhin1

Apparently this was a lucid dream idk thou I entered my dream house at first it was just a maroon square I then added a carpet I don't remember the color of the carpet but the bed was a double bed with a smooth wooden headboard and the pillows where white.The covers was a checked black square pattern. I had a recording studio. I love music production so this wasn't a surprise anyway in the room it was a rectangler shape it was small but long my red laptop was plugged was connected to 3 monitors one on the top left of the corner of the room another infront of the laptop that was on a wooden desk and in the desk was mixers and stuff like that. right next to the center monitor was another monitor this had a playlist open where my mixer was opened on in my DAW (Digital Audio Workshop) this whole room was sound proof and was Grey carpet like walls and a white carpet on the floor. this seems like a strange production room I guess. that's all I really remmbered