The dreams from my childhood

Date: 4/11/2017

By tiptipkitten

I didn't keep a dream journal then so I'm going to wright down the ones I remember here Dream 1 There was no scenery it was just a blank background but I was the leader of a army with my family, friends and random civilians on my side and goblins bats ect. On the other side and for some reason I was wielding a double edged axe. We one with zero casualties. Dream 2/nightmare 1 My family was on a trip riding a small airplane with my dad as the pilot. We hit turbulence and we crashed on a foggy deserted island. From the woods came these horrible monster that were humanoid except the had no mouths and many had strange shaped heads. I woke up Dream 3/nightmare2 Me, my mom and two of my siblings were leaving a log cabin after a few days of camping. After we drove for about a minute I remembered I left my DS there and I asked her to go back. I went inside, grabbed it and came back to see my younger brother poking a polar bear in a tree. Mad at him I told him to stop. He stopped then my mom realized the danger and told us to get in the car. We got in the car but this time it was our big van and the hole family was there. We drove and the bear chased us (now it was a brown bear) we kept on driving and we got to a city. We drove up a circle stair case of a building and bear the top we drove out the giant glass widow. I woke up Dream 4/nightmare 3 I was walking through my neighborhood. I got to the entrance to it and saw it dropped off to the cliff. At the bottom I saw my brother jerry talking to a big green monster.(you know typical lime green sludge with antennas and three eyes) half scared half confused I walked back to my house. When I got there my younger brother Luke's friend was there and everyone was freaking out. They said we had to get in the house. I knew why when ninjas came from some bushes with bows and started shooting at us. For some reason we couldn't go in through the door so we had a ladder going to the second story window. I was right behind Luke's friend when he was shot in the butt with an arrow. Even though it should hurt like crazy he didn't seem to mind. Every one was inside when i got a vision of of the outside back. Bears in hoards were coming towards the house and some where even climbing it. I woke up Dream 5 I don't remember much but I was at a friends front lawn on a flower bed through the trees I saw a huge house. Dream 6 and 7 I was in warehouse and I was being chased by a classic bad guy with a mustache and all the cliches and everything was black and white besides my hair. I woke up and four days later the dream picked up where I left off.