The Philosopher's Stone (is vegan ice cream.)

Date: 8/24/2017

By Fitful

I was at a celebration with my family, I think. It felt more like I was reluctantly doing what they wanted, which was to have a party. They bought me a few things, I think one of them was a writing desk. They waited encouraging (pushy) me to do something. They were tired of my lazy waywardness. I decided to go odd on my own for the day, I packed a backpack for hiking and set off for the day. But right away I got caught up in this thing with the police. They were rounding up everyone for registration. I wasn't too keen on it so I pretended with a friend's (cousin's?) help that I was his mother and we talked the police officer out of registering a child. My cousin was a child at the time, or pretended to be for that moment. The police man let us go. A man was there, he also had his daughter with him. The police man wouldn't let him go, but let me take his daughter. He also gave me his cell phone and I gave him a quarter to call me on a payphone when he was done registering. Hopefully they would register him some unassuming guy on the road, and the quarter would led to the image of him being cell phoneless. I walked off quickly. For the journey to figure out where I was going I was alone. I realized where I wanted to go was home, some childhood home in the opposite direction about a hundred miles. We hadn't been there in a while, some cabin in the snowy mountains, but it seemed that's where I was meant to go. My cousin picked me up in his car, some fast speedy thing, and the girl child wad once again with me. I think another cousin was with us. As the car drove out of town and onto the highway we saw a floating car. It was literally a flying car. We commented that you see them nowadays, about three on the road each day average, they were more and more popular. This one floated in front of us, waiting for the light, and a couple others were in the middle lane to our left. It did rest for a moment, it's wheels spinning into stationary place as it set down, but then the light turned and it immediately was off again, flying. It was like some impatient horse on a racetrack. Stamping and nervous and revving its engine. The cousin driving drove too fast. As if the hundred miles was a block and we were halfway there in no time, eating up the snowy highway. The little girl beside me convered with my other cousin about cake. I mentioned ice cream cake being the best, and she agreed enthusiastically ass children do. Then my driving cousin pitched in, suggesting we go get one. I told them I wouldnt be able to have it because it wouldnt be vegan but then I suggested I make one with vegan ice cream. And I knew there to buy vegan ice cream, it was in a shop near the cabin. We got to the cabin, it was suddenly right there, and I remembered the corner of the cabin was accessible from town (the small town up in the mountains.) I was so excited I was bossing everyone around (as I do when nervous someone doesn't want to do what I want) and I grabbed my saved money send my pack. The plan was to go off to the store, walk there as it was a few blocks round the center of town. Literally 5 minutes away, town was very small. But somehow we ended up in the cabin looking at pictures of the last time we'd been there. I was horrified of how I looked in those pictures, and the oddness of my lowest rib pair on my ribcage. It was like they stick out in each picture, like they were floating or bend and grew wrong, so much they made arches in my body which stick up and out, causing my chest to have this deformed look. I realized i hated it. I was very disappointed in my appearance in the pictures, and that I hadn't chanted much at all. I dug through my cousin's things ( another cousin it present) and found a triangle, canvas, drawstring bag full of crystals, and iron statues of gods I didn't recognize. I realized these crystals were huge chunks and probably had great vibrations going on, I was very tempted to steal them and take them home for use, rather than let them collect dust. I'm not sure what I was looking for but I found it because we were ready to go after that. Outside a family was with their father, some little girl was screaming over her hair and appearance. She didn't like wearing dresses and the top half of her dress was pulled down. She was also having an issue with the weave on the very top of her head, the rest of her hair hung in perfect ringlets but the weave on top was broken or something. Her father was patiently stitching it back in and my cousins commented on him being such a good father. How understanding he was of female emotions. We left off to the store and when we got there our goal had changed so dramatically I didn't remember the original goal until I woke up. It was now some antique shop we were in, some esoteric shop perhaps. And we went to the counter, my driving cousin (I can tell the difference because he's cocky and annoying) began to try for our goal but my other cousin pushed him out of the way and knelt in front of the woman behind the counter, still with the counter between them, and held up a metal fisted gauntlet statue on a stick. It was the size of an actual knights gauntlet and it quickly became clear my cousin was part of some order. He spoke the appropriate fancy words, and a spell, and then asked for blood from either my cousin or me. I gave mine, since the goal was mine, and a knife cut my palm and book trickled into the gauntlet statue through a little door on top. The woman did something, maybe just observed or allowed, and out popped a little waxy capsule with what looked like red liquid inside. The philosopher's stone, I knew it well. I recalled we had gone after it as a joke once before, and our goal had been something different, but now it was actually the thing itself this time. But I woke myself up trying to recall why I wanted it in the first place.