Pastors wife

Date: 8/14/2019

By Caswillsaveme

I was in some sort of history class or something but the books we were using were really big and super long compared to a normal textbook, and everytime I opened it I would get scared because the pictures were in black and white but they were very disturbing and scary. Then I was in the crowd of a concert watching Dan from Game grumps perform like comedy or something and he fakes everyone out by transforming his face into different things like a robot and others. Everyone is expecting him to have a girl suddenly appear. They all think she won't because his face transforming but she actually does! She is behind him and he wishes her a happy birthday. For some reason I can feel that she is kind of bad moralled. Now I'm at a the birthday party for the girl and I see someone familiar, my pastors wife was attending the party, I'm suprised and I take a picture of her to show others. She somehow finds out about the picture and comes looking for who took it. Then I'm sleeping under a blanket but I can hear her explaining to a dog about how people just are judgemental to things they don't know and that when she finds who took it they're going to get in trouble, she mentions my name and says she thinks I might have done it. She starts taking the blanket off me, I get the same feeling I get when I was looking at the scary tectbook. I'm afraid.