Super Crazy Dream

Date: 7/29/2017

By AbbyK

So it starts off where my sister and I are going on a trip about an hour away to see this really old College (people still went there but it was the summer, so very few people would be there.) Apparently back in the 1900s sometime a student was mysteriously killed in a professors office and they never found out what happened to him. The professor was investigated, but found innocent. After that, weird things started happening so people think the school is haunted, magical, or has a weird door to another dimension. So we were going to just walk around and look. We got there, and there was hardly anyone there. I remember that we were walking around the halls looking a pictures and stuff and reading the history, when we found the door where the student was killed. There was a spiral staircase that led super far down into a dark dungeon looking place, but a long time ago it used to be an office. It was now closed to the public, but we still wanted to go in. Before we could, a man that kind of looked like a professor came up to us and asked if we wanted to see inside and we told him yes. He said we weren't supposed to be in here, but he would show us and we had to hurry. So we walk down the steps and look around. Everything still looks like an office, but it was old and rotten. A security guard must have found the open door and we saw a flashlight looking down at us, so we hid. Then the dream switches to where my sister and I are about to leave when some people invite us to this little gathering they are having. We go into the gym and there are a bunch of long benches and there are probably 100-200 student sitting in there. We sit near the back and I see people from IRL that I recognize. I wave at them and I know that they now go to this school. We talk to some people and they have no idea why we are there. I look around and there are like these thick curtains behind us kind of keeping us in. Then, the professor that let us into the old office comes in and says something that I don't remember, but two other people walk in. Then my dream skips again and the three people at the front of the room all are these weird monster alien type things. They are tall with long arms and long legs. They have these human like faces, but something looks wrong. They have no facial expression and it kind of looks like they have on a mask. Everyone is scared, but we are locked in this like other dimension behind the curtain and they won't let us go. I know they are going to do some weird ritual to all of the students in order to be let out of their dimension or something and I know we have to kill them. I find a gun next to me (I don't know where it came from) and I start to shoot one, but there are no bullets. They begin to turn the people around us into them and their faces all look like white masks with no facial expression. I know all of a sudden that I need to shoot them between the eyes (like in "It"), but I don't have bullets. I yell out to everyone that we need to kill them by shooting them between the eyes, and the monster leader punishes me by making me watch some kid get tortured in this game. I think I knew that my sister and I were needed for this specific ritual thing so they couldn't harm us. (So the game is actually kind of humorous in a dark way if you think about it.) it's where the kid has to stand there blindfolded while everyone else has to, one at a time, run up this ladder and dunk a basketball into a basket and the kid has to say if they dunked it or not. If he gets it wrong they cut off a hand. While people line up to play this game, I sneer off to the curtain and slowly rip it open. There are about 3-5 layers. I get out and I find a little, sharp claw looking thing outside of the curtain. I cut through the curtain again and it's super easy this time. I see my sister and I show her the claw and the the hole and I leave it on the ground inside. I leave to go to our car so we can make a speedy getaway. I woke up before seeing if we could save everyone else.