absolutely Wild

Date: 8/27/2017

By necrosar

first i was arrested on a cruise ship then the ship sank and i got out and swam to sea, i think i went to a treehouse condo type building? and to the restaurant where i met my dad. then i was trying to get to work (?) and my dad drove me through a business building to the top floor starbucks and i ate a special berry meal which he hated but i thought was alright. then i appeared in my bathroom and my dad was gonna take me and my brother to a baseball game but i didnt feel like it but i felt bad so he was like "get ready" then time stopped and my debate coach began teaching me and some other people how to cocoon yourself to get special powers. also at one point i went to school and saw my history teacher from last year and he looked like Patrick Star and went to my new english class but it was yhe like my english classes junior and sophomore year mushed into one (best way 2 describe).