Black Wolf Thing

Date: 8/9/2019

By Kitten1279

I was running In this school building which for some reason, I’d seen in another dream. One of my friends was chasing me around the school. I don’t know why I was running and I don’t know what they wanted. But I felt like I was running because it would help me. Another one of my friends was blocking an entrance, she let me pass but held back the friend that was chasing me. But after a while she slipped past my friend. I ran up a flight of stairs only to realize it was like a balcony. My friend was coming closer so I jumped. Because it was a dream I lived and then my vision was blurred and I was in a different room. The room was quite small but there were people trying out a game for some reason. Two of my friends were there. One of my friends leaned in and whispered to my other friend that the losing screen on the game was a bit scary. I was interested and leaned over to see the screen. The minute I did this my friend lost and the losing screen came up. There was a pale girl with black hair draped in front of her face. Something out of a horror movie. Then there was a flash and a black wolf was standing there. It was all black, standing up, you couldn’t see anything but the slim body of it and it’s head. It had two white glowing eyes. It said something unsettling and then a white glowing tear slid down its face. But instead of going all the way down, the tear curved and made a crooked glowing smile. The smile was white and faintly glowing like the eyes. It’s eyes stared into my soul. I felt like I was close to death and then I woke.