Date: 6/1/2017

By summerdreams

I was at school at the very last day of school for that year. Everybody was so excited to leave. Somehow though there was this terrorist attack that hit us. Me and other people rushed to the staircase to climb upstairs. These big bouncy balls came in and I knew that they could be bombs. I warned others to rush outside the staircase room and close the doors. Riff after that they exploded. I found my mentee zacoya and was so glad she was okay. She asked me if other wars like this have happened and I said that I wasn't sure. I got very emotional when she thanked me for helping others. Everyone at that point just casually left the school. Problem is that somebody left their phone and me and some other people tried to figure it who it was in order to return it. We tried to go back inside he school but everything was locked. Luckily there was this nice group of kids that let us in. We joked about the situation and I somehow made this bad don't pass go and collect 200 dollars joke. Somebody then copied my joke right after.