Date: 3/24/2017

By 12lawliet12

Context: I've been engaged for a year and one month, and I'm starting to get impatient with planning. it's the morning of the wedding and we have nothing planned at all. I'm panicking because we have NOTHING, not even programs or an officiant. Literally everyone we've ever met are sitting in the church waiting on me. I'm running two hours late because I don't have a dress. One of the guests hears about that, so she goes and buys a very expensive, very ugly dress that looks like blue satin Gallifreyan high council robes. I freak out because it's nothing like the dress I actually wanted, besides the color. The entire wedding was very cheap looking and nothing like the one we've been planning IRL. After the ceremony, instead of going to the reception, fiance and I "borrow" a City bus from a friend because our car broke down. we were only going to use it for half an hour or so, but instead 6 hours have passed since we borrowed it and cops are looking for us. right as we're being interrogated, I wake up.