terrifying for different reasons

Date: 2/4/2017

By ImprovdHat

I was in my house hosting an HPS party or something and ended up in my bathtub. There were three kids sitting in it having some three-way make out session. I didn't recognize the kid sitting out while the other two were REALLY going at it. Quickly I realized the girl was 🦄 but I couldn't get a good look at the third kid until they pulled apart for air. I stumbled out if the tub, "😶" I murmured. Channin was in the bathroom too. She looked at me, puzzled. "Gyno?" she clarified. The third kid in the bathtub looked up when his full name was mentioned. Angry and heartbroken, I wandered into my room. 🦄 wasn't far behind, but she'd turned into 💋. Then I yelled at her for doing gross stuff in my house. She then insisted that ppl could do what they wanted and I was being old fashioned. Our conversation quickly turned away from 😶 to the whole gay thing. I was like "I DO think that there are some things society shouldn't encourage." 💋 put her hand over my mouth and I was disgusted so I grabbed her hand and twisted her arm. While she was trying to shush me I said, "No, YOU shh!" If you put your hand on my mouth again, I'll rip it off."