Date: 8/12/2019

By ace200

I was in a production of Beetlejuice the Musical, but it was a little screwed from the Broadway show. I was playing Lydia’s mom, while Zoe was Lydia, and this boy was her father. Miss Kelly (my old dance teacher) told me I had to spend time with them outside of rehearsal to get better. Mr R (my theater teacher), took over and the show was getting really cool. There was a scene where I was driving a car and they put a video camera in the car that would display what we did on a tv screen for the audience. There were crazy lights and fog machines. I remember a scene where Beetlejuice would possess me to create a stew to poison someone. I also remember getting really close to the boy in the show. I think he saw a therapist and Miss Kelly wanted me to see the same one to get “in the vibe of the show”. I also remember being two hours late to work, but my co-workers not really caring. I was also shopping at this farmer’s market with Caitlyn and they had my college’s merch there. I was also in a boot for some of this.