Date: 4/10/2017

By tiptipkitten

I don't remember of the beginning so I'm gonna add key elements of it. we were in space, I was a mermaid, peppermint paddy and her friend from Charlie Brown was there except they were older, we landed at an ocean planet, then we found a restaurant, and there was this underwater temple type thing that every one was talking about. This is were I remember more. I was sitting at a table in the restaurant studying the temple thing when my sister said she was going in it with someone else. I objected but they went anyway. Being a mermaid the transformed when the touched water. So they swam to the temple and checked a few things out. They found a hole at the bottom so they tentatively swam towards it. My sister glanced around and through the murky water and pillars she saw what looked like a black tailed mermaid. She freaked out and went back to the restaurant and told my everything. That's when I woke up.