abusive dad

Date: 2/14/2017

By heyitsjewel

just woke up 9:14am, not a good dream, only lasted 20 seconds or even below that. my dad used to be emotionally and psychically abusive, now he just has rage fits, anyway i had a dream we came back from abroad, it was late at night, so it was really dark outside, me and my family were in a car just parked outside our house (i am still abroad right now) and somehow we were all drenched with water and not fully clothed, so my dad kinda seemed like he was in a bad mood, he said he would go back into the house to get some towels, then somehow we were outside of the car and my parents got into an argument like they always do every single fucking day. idk why my mum was on top of the car but my dad grabbed my mum and threw her onto the road and he kept on shouting at her and she started crying, i tried to stop my dad so my mum could atleast stand up, i was shouting but i couldn't hear myself, my dream was kinda mute, then he starts shouting at me and then the dream ended, i hate it when my dad is in a dream. i didn't use any techniques to dream, woke up for prayer, i just kinda fell into a deep sleep when i came back to the hotel room and randomly started dreaming. Dream Signs: My House (dreams usually take place in house/school which is where i am most of the time.