I was in the world of Pokemon. I saw a Pokemon drowning in the river so i jumped in the save it. I got to it and i see its a pichu. I was unable to get out of the river and another Pokemon saves me too. I comfort the pichu and took him to the Pokemon center. He gets all healed up and i sign for the papers. The man was asian and was named yoshi, he looked like a mii off the wii. By now i found out that all Pokemon were animatronic and were created by this mans company. It seemed so real. I asked pichu to grab a Reese's cup for me out of the bag and then i have it to pikachu. I complimented mr. Yoshi on how well made this Pokemon was. I then hugged him a lot and snuggled with him in my recliner. We were now in my living room and my mom comes around the corner and calls my dog Lexi's name. Surprised to find that im holding a Pokemon

Date: 5/16/2019

By TaylorJJ