Campus Nightmare

Date: 8/12/2017

By Dungeon-Dude

I was enrolled at some sort of school / campus. When I was walking down I'm the snow, some dude and a girl from my class offered to ride me home in their moms car. They were actually quite nice and not there to bully me. Their mom looked like Renate. Some How this didn't work and I ended up back on campus at night. After I strolled around some sort of apartment on the top floor that could oversee the parking lot the boy had introduced himself to me in. A man aproached me and told me that after some bickering over the property, he just bought the apartment. That was when I heard the screams and banging of a woman calling the police. The man was suddenly fat and told me to come downstairs with him, as I could only win being one of the camera men. After I let the implications settle in, I somehow choose to wake up. This dream was 100% in German. Their mom also drove through some streets I remember from other dreams. I also remember being reminded of Ron and Hermine when seeing them. I also remember that on campus I was late for some sort of meeting and I couldn't get there because some students were enacting a play in the stairwell I needed to use. I also remember that the apartment also had girl in it and that I had a second floor with a small room with a window that I was in. There was a stairwell with a large window to the parking lot, kinda like at my moms place. Also, I was kind young in the first part.