Tabbithas nightmare..

Date: 4/11/2017

By Julz

Dad tried to hurt me and I flipped out and hit him to protect myself and then I started running. It went on for a minute of me trying to escape the house (like a horror movie) he got up behind me at one point and I pulled out my phone and struggled to dial 911. I finally did and just put the phone back in my pocket and started screaming to them what was happening. Then I heard someone say "I'm sorry the phone lines are all full, call again later" an I ran towards the front door and once I finally escaped I went across the street to the park and for some reason emma was there and she saw me and started chasing me so that went in for a while of me asking strangers around the park to help me, only o e guy tried to help and he tripped emma. That actually infuriated me in the dream but after a while I said I can't run forever so I took my phone out and called Cal and said hey something happened.. I have to go, just wanted you to know I'm sorry and I love you. And he said words to me so calmly as if nothing was going on and it was a normal day.. just his voice as happy as Cal is.. saying okay, see you soon baby. So I saw my parents as I turned around and I hung up my phone and held it out for them. My mom said no, you got us in trouble. The cops are coming. You need to go to the courthouse for your hearing. I got there and they shuffled me into a room with a lot of people and I sat down and people were standing In Front of the judge and she was sentencing them. This part seemed to go fast, the lady had me tell her what happened and then go wait in the back room for her to decide. On a board In front of her was a list of punishments at different levels and next to them were possibly circumstances that may have happened. So like, "stole a cookie and threw a fit- groundation" would be the lowest group then "killed parents-death" would be the highest. The room in the back seemed vaguely familiar although in my dream I didn't realize that (maybe I've dreamt of this room before) but there were several cubicles with separate beds in each and a huge closet that was too tall for me to even reach the clothes off of, and it seemed clear to me in the dream that this was the house of the judge. This is where the old woman lived. Suddenly she came in and se began to make tea.. and she sat us down and started to tell me about my punishment and that's when Cal called me and woke me up.. makes me wonder if It was a good thing that I never found out if the judge believed me or my parents.