I move out, to move in, to move out agian.

Date: 6/6/2019

By Ninjaflavored

I moved out from my parents. I tried staying at one apartment but the place was to expensive so I ended up moving in with my friend Jojo. He lived with his two brothers and his parents. I also think that there was a fat, orange and white tabby there. It was a little cramped, they all lived in the basement of this house together. It wasn't to bad, but I had to keep squeezing around the patio furniture any time I left the huh house or came home. His dad didn't like it when anything was moved, even an inch. I kept trying to call my stepdad and my mom from Jojos, to tell them that I had moved. There was some bit about me eating at Jojos here. I don't quite remeber all the details, but I was definitely drinking blood to "eat". I couldn't get good reception and was scared that they would think I was dead, so I left Jojos and tried to walk home. I remember having to color code my words before I walked in, to try to give the best impression that I was am adult. I also recall trying to call Jake to see if I could move in with him. Jojos was a little to cramped for me. When I finally got into my house, my uncle was there. Of course he was only my uncle in the dream. He was 7ft tall, looked older than dirt, thin at the waist, and hunched over. He wore a grey old suit vest and thin glasses over his beak nose. He look straight out of Tim Burtons claymashions. My stepdad and someone else was there, I was to distracted by my uncle giving my a sermon about my actions to pay much attention. *Alarm went off around here.*