Smoke and a White Tiger

Date: 7/29/2017

By Vocalist2D

I was sitting in the living room of my house with my parents when suddenly the window was filled with smoke from a factory at the opposite side of the land past the field which resided next to the house. (There is not a factory on the opposite side of my house, but in this dream there was.) The smoke hit once and my parents said 'They're doing this now... We knew it would happen.' (I understood what they were going on about in the dream, which really confuses me now.) Then after that, 2 more shots of smoke filled the window and that was the end of it. The bad news did not stop there, though. A white tiger was in the garden. We watched it, feeling very scared for a while, wondering why it was here. I thought to myself about seeing a notice about a missing white tiger. The white tiger got hold of a dog. 'Let's turn around. We don't want to watch this.' My mum said. We did that. Once it seemed the white tiger had gone, we turned back around and the dog had somehow managed to escape the grasp and was left with a bite mark where teeth had been dug in. Nothing too serious, though. The white tiger was still in the garden, though, so my mum made sure the locks were secure. The rest of the dream continued with my parents and I panicking, trying to decide whether to go upstairs or if that was too dangerous.