Gym Class (So Close)

Date: 1/31/2019

By Colter

Well, I was in gym class, but in this gym class there were four people and the entire gymnasium was dark except for a lamp and a couch in the middle, the light as well was not normal it was a sort of blue light, and I remember only one of the four kids faces, but I normally wouldn’t associate myself with him, and I remember being in a room with him and looking at the gym teacher in the middle of the room, and I went up to the gym teacher and he said “nope” and I think he marked me absent, so I went back to get the other kid and when we got back the gym teacher said something I couldn’t make out, then I literally woke up because of my dog, but I didn’t open my eyes, and imagined I was in a pool and as I was imagining it, I started to hear these weird chimes and felt like I was floating, so I opened my eyes and I could see the pool in the ceiling and I freaked out and woke up. (Fuck me)