Old man murders.

Date: 4/26/2017

By Noriama

My brother and I are hiking in a field when we happen upon an old house. An elderly woman walks out and invites us in. I, of course, am hesitant to enter a stranger's home, but my brother strolls right in. I follow because I don't want him hurt. Elise, the old lady, is talking to my brother while I space out. I am morphed into the body of somebody else so I can see what they see, but I cannot control my movements. I wander into the bedroom where Elise was sleeping (Wasn't she just in the kitchen?) and I pick up a knife. Just as I was about to plunge it into her chest I 'wake up'. Elise explains that her husband kills her every year on this day and she cannot rest unless someone were to stop him. That's where we come in. I freak out and go outside. The sun was setting and it would be time for him to come soon. I run into this tiny shed, dragging my brother with me. I immediately start having him climb out the window because the husband was right outside the door. They both yell at me because they want to reinact the seen from The Shining. I helped them do their stupid scene, then run. We fall into a giant put where toys are battling to the death. They capture me and set up a giant guillotine, but I wake up before it falls.