Donald Trump Car Race

Date: 7/17/2019

By madisonweir

Me, the rest of my class and two other schools got to go to the grand opening of a new shop that Donald Trump made. Long story short, it didn’t go well. It was crowded and stuff, and when we got to the checkout it was horrible. There was some pink and blue suspicious stuff and they wouldn’t tell us what it was. We then got into little cars, I was with a random girl. She started driving and soon enough it got dark. She was a bad driver, but she seemed to know where she was going. We got to this weird ledge and she suddenly opened the door and started pushing me out, before Tommy from love island drove underneath and caught me in his car. He drove me to a field and we got out, along with all of my friends, to watch an apology from Donald Trump, who was trying to ignore Kim Jon Un’s baseball competition in the field next to us.