In a Crisis

Date: 3/12/2017

By Octopaw

My dream started with me waking up my bed. I could hear snippets of the radio calling the worst storm ever in Canada's history. My town was at the forefront of the disaster. When I looked outside I saw rain and a helicopter landing in our parking lot of the building. I rushed out to find my mom to tell her we hade to Evacuate. I found her asleep on the couch. She had given up trying to run. The other apartment house near by were empty. We were the last. So I quickly packed my clothes food and my art book. I thought my 2 cats in a large backpack. I yelled at my mom we had to go. But she just rolled over away from me. My mom wasn't planning on getting out. I bagged her to not satay that I can't leave without her. But if we stayed we die. I bagged her to not make me have to stay here. She is all I have left in the world and this is selfish. She had no reaction she just lying there. I put my bags down and started to cry. She was going to kill us both. The helicopter wasn't going to wait forever. Thankfully I woke up... Scariest dream ever