Very strange Minecraft dream.

Date: 6/9/2019

By paranormal_minds

I wake up on what seems to be be a blocky bunk bed with my friend Lucas (a boy with glasses wearing a blue life jacket for some reason) hovering over me saying “ Wake, Wake time!” I got up except Lucas and myself where not cubical in any way. We where in a blocky hobbit hole but only with a door and a furnace. I say “I’m going to go mining today.” Lucas just eyed me with silence. I went out. All the trees were completely normal looking with oval leaves and all that other stuff. In my hot bar there was a stone pickaxe in my hand and I was going to mine this weird dark greenish blue sponge the size of the dirt house with black cubical mushrooms that I started mining. I ate one mushroom and it tasted amazing and regenerated my hearts. There was a cave next to the sponge which I was too afraid to go into. Lucas came out very angry and started mining the sponge. Soon drowned (underwater zombies) wearing full golden armor killed Lucas. I tried to fight back with the enchanted diamond sword the spawned in my hand instantly but killed me too. The only thing I dropped was black dried seaweed. When I pressed the re spawn button, I appeared in the Sahara dessert with all the spherical hills in the sand. It was really hot out and Lucas was standing in front of me. Staring. Soon a fireball blasts in between the two of us and looked at our right. A giant blocky skeleton dragon was slowly flying closer and closer. Lucas says “should we be running?” Then we both look at each other and bolt to a old fashioned western bar. We did not go inside the bar. Later the song “On the Wire by Yann Terisan” played in my head. There where there where 200 biplanes with old people surrounding most of them. I get on one, start flying then in first person view, I get hit by something and crash. Then I wake in cold sweat.