1 - there

Date: 5/12/2019

By Aler

I found a tunnel system at school and decided to explore. Many vignettes, approximately in this order: First, underground offices and rooms, like a mall. Students doing research in quiet rooms. A blue lit corridor, with ventilation fans decorated with tinsel to show the motion of the air. I took a photo. I found the president of our student society living underground. He had secretly brought a small bed into a disused storage room. More research. A room full of lasers pointing at the ceiling. I move slowly between them. I lean over and all my teeth fall out of my mouth. My route is all mapped by underground GPS. At this point, I am far from school, moving generally south. I must have been exploring for days. At some point, the tunnels become a leaf covered trail in the woods. It’s s gradual transition, not the exit of a tunnel. (Continues in part 2).