Digital art, A wealthy dinner party guest struggles to hold together the little bits of their broken tooth with a napkin covered in salt.

No teeth for the wealthy🥂🦷

Date: 9/5/2019

By ChefRiggs

This dream really freaked me out lol. I was at this dinner party for charity surrounded by about hundred very wealthy people. I believe my family hosted the party in our mansion. (I don’t know anyone from the dream including my family and irl we are not rich lol) I am dressed in a tux walking around talking with people. As I sip on some Champaign I notice something feels off so I go to the powder room to check. I look in the mirror and my front tooth is super crooked like it’s about to fall out. I panic and try to adjust it but it’s beyond my help and I don’t want to make it worse. I make it to my room to fetch my retainer and see if that might help readjust the tooth. While attempting to fit it in, my tooth snaps in half bleeding everywhere. OMG... I can feels fine piece of teeth inside my mouth. I try to gather the pieces and hold them in my hand and mouth. I go to my mother (who is not my real mother but some stuck up blonde woman) she tells me we will take care of it. I examine the pieces and consider what my options might be. The tooth has broken apart so much there seems like little hope. I run to the nearest table to find something to hold the little bits of my tooth. Closest to me a woman is asking for some mans autograph on a napkin. As he signed it I requested it for an emergency and they refused so I try to take it anyway cause who cares lol. I put the pieces in the napkin and try to take it but they just got pissed so the man opens a salt shaker and just dumps it all over the napkin covering it in salt. I lose bits of teeth and I’m sure the salt can’t be good for the tooth either. I’m standing there with a napkin full of salt and broken pieces of tooth, a blood filled mouth and a smile like dumb and dumber. Then I wake up. Thank god I still have my lovely smile. Why do I keep having horrible dreams?! Haha

AI generated interpretation Based on your dream, it appears that you are feeling anxious about your interactions with people who are more wealthy or privileged than you. The symbolism of your tooth falling apart and being unable to find a solution or help may represent feelings of inadequacy or powerlessness in these social situations. Your dream may also suggest a fear of losing something valuable, such as your social standing or reputation, as represented by the importance placed on teeth in society. The refusal of the autograph may symbolize a sense of rejection or exclusion from this elite group. The use of salt in the dream could also represent a need for healing or purification, which may refer to your desire for emotional healing and resolution of any negative feelings associated with these situations. It may be beneficial to explore these feelings in waking life, as they may be affecting your confidence and well-being.