Found out I was pregnant got a pet Bearded Dragon named Stormie

Date: 4/25/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

Me and my boyfriend had tons of sex once I moved out of my mom's house and I got my own place and my boyfriend came over a lot but one night after we had sex he had to go to school the next day but he slept with me and spent the night with me. He heard him get up and get ready for school and I was still asleep and naked as well he kissed me and my forehead and left my room. A few hours later I got up and got dressed and I had to go out and get some things I need. First, I stopped at the store and got one food but just in case I bought a pregnancy test. Than after that I was going to go to the pet store and get my Bearded Dragon. I walked in a guy helped me, and I picked up my baby Bearded Dragon but I did not name it just yet did not know if it was a boy or a girl yet but I got the food the cage and everything I need to take care of one. Than once I got home the cage all set up and I put my baby Beardie in there and he/she did not what to do I was getting it light set up and the cage ready and once it the cave and the lamp were set up the baby Bearded Dragon just looked at me and I put some baby crickets in there for it to eat and some vegetables as well that was cut very small so it choke on it. Than once I did that I took a the pregnancy test and I was positive. I dropped the test and went to my room and thought " oh shit, what am going to tell my boyfriend he still is in school" than I cried and than I woke up