the bankrobber

Date: 1/27/2017

By Tjika

I dreamed I walked into a room in a bank. In that room there were rows of chairs filled with people I knew, my family and friends and stuff. I sat down next to my brother, but it was like they were hypnotised or something, just sitting silently. Then the bankrobbers came into the room and wanted all the money. Suddenly the people were very excited and threw money in bags to help the robbers. For some reason one blond guy really drew my attention. It was like he was an actual person instead of a person from a dream. He didn't notice me at that moment. I was happily throwing money in bags as well, but I was sort of aware that wasn't a normal thing to do. After the robbers had all the money they went into some small room a few floors up. Everyone else was supposed to fight threats or something, but it was like they all realised (my friends and family) that I wasn't like them, that I was aware of everything and therefore they went after me. I ran away and eventually reached the little room where the blond guy and the other robbers were. I looked at him and he looked back with an interested look on his face, and said: you have an interesting brain. Then I woke up.